There are many like it, but this one is mine. And it's not very complete.

I guess I'm required to give the obligatory links to stuff that no one finds to be of interest except me. Well, here's my best shot at it. . .

I'm interested in computer security and privacy issues. Unfortunately, all I have right now are my keys and related materials. Maybe I'll collect a few links at some point. Maybe I'll finally put up that anonymous remailer I keep threatening to get online.

I also hope to get a few more writings up about things that piss me off. It's probably going to be the most frequently updated part of the site for now, since there's just so much material available.

Everyone needs lists of stuff. So do I. Things like books, DVDs, CDs, etc might be found here as I find the time to add them.

I doubt anyone cares, but I might as well put my uptime records here, for the halibut.

If you're trying to get a STSN box working with Linux, you might want to check here.

If you're interested in seeing some of the code I'm not embarrassed to release, you could always check out my released software.

In an effort to shame myself into doing better, I've put up a page detailing my weight loss progress, which includes a nifty graph, so you can see how well I'm doing on my way to meeting my goal.

"Oh my god.. OH MY GOD! They finally did it... YOU PUT IT UP!! DAMN YOU! Damn you all to hell..."

Want to send me unsolicited commercial e-mail (aka SPAM)? Then by all means, follow the link, and send me some mail.

Like everyone else in the frickin' world, I now have a blog, so expect even more self-absorbed drivel that no one (except maybe my mother, and that's a long shot) wants to read...

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