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[Really Hideous Self-Portrait of Mike from 20000710] Michael A. Gurski can be contacted at (most to least likely):

To email me, you might want to use either of my PGP/GPG keys:

Encrypted mail is always preferred. You can obtain either Pretty Good Privacy or GNU Privacy Guard if you don't already have one or the other.

My résumé is available in these formats:

Geek Codes (3.12): GCS d--(+) s:+ a- C++++() UBLIS+++ P++++ L+++>++++ E>+++ W++(--) N++ o K w---() O++(+++) M- V--(-) PS+ PE(++) Y++ PGP++>+++ t*(+++) 5+(++) X+ R(*) tv-() b++>++++ DI++++(++) D+ G+ e*>++++ h++(*) r++>+++ y?(**)

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